Twilight Force - Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 12/24/2014
Merry Christmas losers! Your present is this simfile. Yes, I know, not a very good present, but I don't personally know you, so it's the best you could expect, really.

Twilight Force is probably the hottest newcomer to the power metal scene. Their 2014 debut, "Tales of Ancient Prophecies", caught everybody by surprise with its extreme catchiness and true-to-its-roots stylings. Now you, too, can experience the majesty of this awesome album. "Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom" is the opening track, and it will appropriately crush your nuts with a fury of double-bass drumming and pinched-balls vocals. It's probably fruitier than your aunt's crappy fruitcake. ENJOY!!!!!