Galloglass - At The Shadowcross
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 10/26/2014
The year is 2006. Charlo sits in front of his computer, perusing the official Rhapsody fan forum. There, in the "other bands" section, an intriguing post catches his eye. "What are other bands similar to Rhapsody?" a user queries, eager to discover more majestic power metal in the vein of Rhapsody's most beloved masterpieces. Charlo clicks on the thread and takes in the replies, one by one. A name of a band arouses his interest: "Galloglass". On to Limewire he continues, searching for just one track to grant him a taste of what this mysterious band would sound like. Charlo finds one, the song "Golden Years", and from the first few seconds of that track, his life would be changed forever.

(tl;dr download this fucker right now, asshole)