Thy Majestie - Ride To Chinon
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 11/1/2010
Thy Majestie is an Italian symphonic power metal band that sure knows how to serve up a big heaping platter of cheesy metal. Their most recent album, Dawn, is an insipid piece of diddly poo, but their other three albums are great. Fans of Rhapsody would love this band, since Thy Majestie copied their formula pretty much exactly. This song is more index-friendly than some of my recent files. Minimal jumpstream, plenty of runs and only a few jacks. Although there is a section during the solo that might kill the less hardy indexers out there, literally KILL, and I'm not joking around. Play at your own risk. Also check out my lazy attempt at making a "trendy" background with all kinds of lame effects splattered all over it. Do you think I should have added more scanlines? Maybe some anime characters?