Wildpath - Frozen
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 9/15/2014
Wildpath, the French symphonic metal band you all know and love, has progressively stripped away more and more of the power metal elements from their sound over the course of their three albums. Samples from the new opus tentatively scheduled for release later this year indicate that Wildpath will no longer be a power metal band in even the loosest sense, which, in my book, means they will cease to be a band worth caring about. A shame to be sure, but there are always new bands coming in to pick up the slack, so I'm not too bummed actually. This song comes to us from that third album, and while it has fast parts, it also has a sickening, sludgy guitar tone that foreshadows the unfortunate direction the band has decided to take.

It is also worth nothing that this song has nothing to do with the Disney movie of the same name, and, in fact, predates it by two years. The acrid aroma of impending lawsuits currently inhabits my nostrils, but that should not cause you to hesitate in your downloading of this simfile!!!!