Skyfire - Uncloud The Sky
Genres: Melodic Death Metal Release Date: 9/4/2014
From the birthplace of melodic death metal, a faraway land called "Sweden", comes the band Skyfire. A bold departure from the typical In Flames/Dark Tranquillity worship that Swedish bands of this genre normally subscribe to, Skyfire soaks their music in a marinade of keyboards and almost black-metal-styled shrieks. This song is from their second album, "Mind Revolution", which tones down the symphonic elements present in their first album and moves towards a modern, glossy sound that would be fully realized on the follow-up "Spectral".

If you're tired of sixteenth-note runs, this is the file for you, since there are almost no runs of any sort. The BPM is slow (usually around 110) but the notes contained herein are an acceptable level of speediness. I will reach through the internet and punch you if you leave this page without downloading this simfile. I'm serious.