Ring Of Fire - Shadow In The Dark
Genres: Power Metal Neo-Classical Metal Release Date: 6/19/2014
Ring Of Fire is an American band spearheaded by the keywizard himself, Vitalij Kuprij. Add in famous wailer Mark Boals and, on this album, shredmaster George Bellas (whose music I have done a few simfiles of), and you have a star-studded lineup perfectly primed to destroy you with neoclassical power metal. And destroy you they do. If you love shred, you're going to love this, because there are only a few parts of this song where one of either Bellas or Kuprij is shredding the fuck out of his instrument. Ring of Fire recently came back with an album this year after a decade-long absence, but it seems to suck, so, in my book, Ring of Fire split up in 2004 and nobody has heard anything from them since.

24th notes are here in large quantities, but the BPM of 147 renders them impotent. Still, this is a fun song with some goofy-as-all-fuck lyrics, so you would have to be a comatose vegetable to not want to check this shit out.