Absu - Abraxas Connexus
Genres: Black Metal Thrash Metal Release Date: 5/12/2014
Absu, masters of mythological occult metal, never fail to create the most devastating and blistering black/thrash metal possible. In 2011 they released their latest metal ritual, entitled "Abzu". On that album we find the track "Abraxas Connexus", whose lyrics deal with such occult topics as alchemy and astrology, and even the combination of the two. If you are a good religious person, you probably should refrain from downloading this file lest you be banished to the torments of hell for the rest of eternity.

The first one-third of this file is based around sixteenth-notes. After that point, it is largely triplet-based. The best of both worlds! It's like two simfiles in one!

You honestly can't pass this shit up. Unless you fall into the category delineated above.