Traumatomy - Wretched Antropogenous Simulacrum
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 3/29/2014
If you have been inducted to the cult of slam death metal, the following paragraphs will be legible to you. If not, you will see some apologetic wording regarding the unavailability of this simfile. Moving on...

Traumatomy is an international side project featuring members of slam crews Disfigurement of Flesh and Gorevent. If you love ultra guttural slamming brutal death metal, caveman-style with nothing but slammy slams, you should check these guys out. Just be warned: your nuts may not withstand the force of impact.

This file, like most of my death metal files, is a notch up difficulty-wise. In this particular case, the first two minutes are somewhat grueling, but the final minute of the song is fairly easy as the band goes into ultra-slow slam mode. Keep the pit alive!!!!!