Severe Torture - Rest In Flames
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 12/21/2013
Are you in the mood for some pretty good brutal death metal? Good news! The Dutch brutalist brigade Severe Torture provides us with plenty of okay, but not great, music to heartily consume and enjoy. Fast, fast, fast is the name of the game for these gore fetishists. No wiggercore slams or breakdowns, just blastbeats until the drummer's arms fall off! Fuck yeah!

My rule of thumb is: death metal harder than power metal. This is a death metal file. So it follows that this file is harder than my average file. That's great for people who like the residual arm pain that comes from trying to hit 280 BPM runs, not so great for sane people or those less talented at Stepmania. Oh well! Download away motherfucker!