Epicrenel - Walls Of The Cave
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 11/20/2013
"Epicrenel" might be the stupidest band name in the whole universe (including all known galaxies and parallel universes). An epic...crenel? The average person doesn't even know what a crenel is let alone how a crenel could be an epic. For your edification, a crenel is one of those jagged things at the tops of castle towers that you can shoot arrows through. So crenels I guess could be construed as being epic in a sense, but still, Epicrenel loses out to Epiclore in terms of power metal bands named after epic things. Shitty band name aside, Epicrenel is just a straightforward Finnish power metal band with some symphonic elements. And organ solos courtesy of keyboardist Chrism. Hear that? Organ solos!!!!

This song is 170 BPM and has some runs. It also has some parts that aren't runs. Cool! You should download it!

Stop reading. The time is not for reading. The time is for downloading.