Amberian Dawn - River Of Tuoni
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 11/7/2013
I do a lot of simfiles from Rhapsody clone bands. But what about the oft-overlooked Nightwish clone band? There are certainly many bands whose only artistic goal is to mimic as closely as possible all elements of the Nightwish sound (and hopefully mimic their fat wallets as well), with Finland's Amberian Dawn being leader of the pack. If you like symphonic-tinged power metal with female vocals, you may find yourself enjoying Amberian Dawn.

This song is short. Almost three minutes on the nose. The steps are simple and repetitive, making for one of my easiest files ever. I will personally send you a copy of this file through the internet tubes if you just click on one of the download buttons below. Then my little internet gnomes will deliver your request to me and I will manufacture a copy to be dropped in the tubes. You can expect the simfile to arrive on your hard drive roughly a minute after placing your order. Do not delay! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!