Dol Ammad - Eclipse
Genres: Symphonic Metal Release Date: 10/24/2013
Electronica. Opera. Heavy Metal. All three genres stand well enough on their own, but they all lack that "oomph" that would push them from mere musical style to transcendent art. Dol Ammad is here to change all of that. By combining those three genres, composer Thanasis Lightbridge has created a masterwork whose cosmic proportions cannot be understated.

Actually, Dol Ammad's music is simply "good". It's definitely unique, anyway. If you like symphonic metal you probably would like it.

The steps in this file are fairly repetitive, with many sixteenth-note runs as well as some oft-repeated sixteenth-note patterns. As much as I wish I could call these steps "avant-garde" or "post-modern", they are merely steps. No more, no less. Download anyway please.