Dark Moor - Beyond The Fire
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 10/20/2013
Spain might be a miserable land of drizzly unemployment. But they have given the world two wonderful things: Tacos and the symphonic power metal band Dark Moor.

(Upon further review, Tacos aren't actually Spanish. They're Mexican. The Spaniards gave us paella, but that stuff is nasty.)

Okay, anyway, it's been established by the scientific community that Dark Moor kicks fucking asses. Contact me for the relevant peer-reviewed publications and I'll hook you up with that shit. This song is a six-minute rocker off The Hall of Olden Dreams, which is required listening for all power metal maniacs. The steps consist of some thirty-second-note gallops, some jump runs, some not-jump-runs, and...some other stuff too.

This simfile tempts you like a beautiful harlot. A decadent Stepmania experience awaits those who give in to their natural human lustiness. Let the desire overtake you, and join me in the sensuous pleasures of keyboard smashing....