Ancient Bards - Broken Illusion
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 10/14/2013
This is my 300th simfile. I threw a party last night to celebrate. Why weren't you there?

Oh yeah, you weren't invited. Because fuck you.

This file is similar in style to my previous Ancient Bards files. If you like Rhapsody and any bands that also like Rhapsody, you should get a kick out of Ancient Bards, because they like Rhapsody just as much as anybody (except me). If you download this one, I might invite you to my 400th-simfile release party.

Actually, on second thought, nah. The guest list already includes Snoop Dogg and Zooey Daschanel, so I'm afraid there's no room for losers like you. But if you download, maybe I can let you hang around outside the club and look in the windows.