Morifade - Reborn
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 10/7/2013
Morifade is a Swedish power metal band. If you enjoy hyper-cheesy acts in the vein of Timeless Miracle, Axenstar, and Celesty, you will probably have a higher-than-average chance of enjoying them. The band's name is obviously supposed to be a portmanteau of two words, and it is my life's goal to figure out what those two words are. The second one is probably "fade" (duh), but what's the first one? Moribund? Morning? If anybody figures it out please email me, this shit keeps me up at night.

If you suck at Stepmania, this is the file for you, my feeble-fingered friend. It's only 160 BPM and there are almost no runs. There is no fast solo section. If you can't pass this song, just unplug your computer and set it ablaze, because you suck.