Human Rejection - Infernal Hostility
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 11/20/2010
Another death metal simfile. This time the band is Human Rejection from the ancient land of Greece. Very intense music, extremely precise musicianship and lots of groovy riffs to get your head banging. This song is from their sophomore album, Decrepit To Insanity. I'm sure English isn't their first language so I'll let the nonsensical album title slide for now. The steps here are nicely varied and are fairly fun most of the time, except near the end where the band ran out of ideas and played the same chugging riff for an entire minute. Lots of runs and jumps and stuff, but no jump-runs this time so indexers should have an easier time of it. The BPM fluctuates between 220 and 115, so be aware of possible speed changes. Enjoy Stepmania brothers!!