Akercocke - Verdelet
Genres: Death Metal Black Metal Progressive Metal Release Date: 9/8/2013
When thinking of British extreme metal, the first name that should pop into your mind is the occultomasters themselves, Akercocke. If you like your metal blasphemously blackened, demonologically deathened, and priest-slayingly progressivized, I have to say my friend that 1) you have fucking good taste in music and 2) Akercocke will soon be your favorite band.

Verdelet. That name just oozes evil. What is a Verdelet? Well, according to okkult Katholic daemonologie, Verdelet is a demon of the second order, whose task is to escort earthly witches to hell. The lyrics of this song don't seem to be based on this demon or any other demon, but it still makes for a pretty badass song title.

This file is pretty easy. The second half of the file is dominated by runs, but the first half is so easy as to be nearly paddable. Enjoy my fucking friends.