Pathfinder - Chronokinesis
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 8/22/2013
Chronokinesis is the ability to manipulate time with one's own mind. In my exhaustive research, I have found that there are actually human beings who believe that they possess this technique. Laughable, but not any more ridiculous than the claims of any religious or spiritual group (take your pick). Anyway, I'm sure the Polish band Pathfinder doesn't believe in such lunacy; they are simply aware that such a concept as chronokinesis is totally badass and almost tailor-made to be written about within the confines of a symphonic power metal song.

This song is seriously run-heavy. I am not joking. Almost the whole song is runs, and there is no solo. If the idea of hitting your keyboard 3600 individual times in the course of five minutes doesn't appeal to you, please refrain from downloading this file. For all others: download this shit now!