Putridity - Conscious In Rigor Mortis
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 8/9/2013
If you were given one adjective to describe the band Putridity, which adjective would it be? "Sick"? "Brutal"? "Grangrenous"? "Suppurated"?

No, you moron. "Putrid". Honestly, I'm not sure how you fucked that one up. As punishment, I'm withholding the download link for this song. You're just going to have to wait till pack 15 comes out if you want to play this bitch. What a shame. This file has some really sick background art. Too bad you don't get to see it.

What's that down there? A download link? No, probably not, Don't even bother clicking on it you worthless spunk rag.