Equilibrium - Wurzelbert
Genres: Folk Metal Release Date: 8/4/2013
Equilibrium is a popular German folk metal band. Think a more symphonic Ensiferum and you're approaching a rough approximation of their sound. This song comes to us from their second album, "Sagas", an album which, in fifty years, people will remember with these words: "Sagas was definitely the best folk metal album of the pre-robot era. Now if you'll excuse me, my robot master has requested that I deliver my newly born son into its jaws of feeding."

The lyrics of this song are in German, so I can't tell you much about them. I think there's a guy who lives in a cave (the eponymous Wurzelbert) who likes to play his fiddle. This song details his exploits. If that sounds like some seriously stupid subject matter to you, consider the following: "Sagas" also has a song about snuff tobacco. Now that is stupid.

This song is more run-oriented than most of my recent files. It's not very fast but there are some jacks involved, so if you suck at those (like me), maybe you would be better off ordering a delivery pizza and watching softcore porn on your TV. Then there will really be some jacks involved. Get it? Jacks???

Nah, on second thought, just download this file anyway. You can still order pizza if you want, though.