Paul Wardingham - Brain Interactive Construct
Genres: Progressive Metal Release Date: 7/9/2013
Paul Wardingham is an Australian prog guitarist. In between swigs of Fosters' beer and dodging drop bears, he released the album "Assimilate Regenerate" in 2011. This is probably the closest thing to "djent" that I will ever step, since I am not a huge fan of that genre. So if you do happen to enjoy djent, you probably should download this shit immediately, ASAP, and without delay.

145 BPM = easy, right? WRONG DUDE. This file has some 32nd note runs two-thirds of the way through the song for the sole reason of screwing up your perfect combo. Stepmania is not about fun. Stepmania is about pain. Stepmania is about having your hopes crushed like bugs under a military march. This simfile strives to remind you of those essential truths.