Arsis - A March For The Sick
Genres: Melodic Death Metal Death Metal Release Date: 6/13/2013
"Technical Melodic Death Metal" is a genre typically reserved for shitty near-metalcore bands with obnoxiously-complex guitar leads cluttering every single second of their unbearable music. But when this descriptor is used in reference to the Virginian band Arsis, it becomes a genre of delights: light-speed, heavy riffs with properly demonic vocals and a constant barrage of drums. What better music to play Stepmania to?

If you like sixteenth-note runs at 190 BPM, do I have news for you buddy. This file is nothing but that! Actually, that's a slight overstatement; there are some non-run sections. And for those of you who find my normal jump-run fetish too tiring for your fingers, rejoice! There are almost no jump-runs in this entire file!

In conclusion, download this shit now.