Alestorm - The Quest
Genres: Power Metal Folk Metal Release Date: 6/6/2013
Everybody knows about Alestorm. Unless you've been fearfully huddled in your radiation bunker for the past six years, you can't have avoided knowledge of this popular pirate-themed band. They play, as I term it, "power metal with accordions", but some people who aren't as smart as I am like to call them "pirate metal". News flash: pirate metal is not a genre. A genre is not defined by its lyrics. Do you hear me????

This song is the opener off of the 2009 release "Black Sails at Midnight". The beginning of the song sounds a lot like Rhapsody's Dawn of Victory, except at 198 BPM, it's a bit faster. Expect plenty of runs, because when the drummer is playing a constant stream of 16th notes, what else are the steps supposed to be? No, seriously. You tell me.