Thy Majestie - Seven Reigns
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 6/1/2013
Thy Majestie is an Italian symphonic power metal band. No surprises here, they sound exactly like Rhapsody. I was ready to write Thy Majestie off as another good-turned-to-shit band after their vomit-inducing 2008 release, Dawn, but then they turned around and released the amazing ShiHuangDi in 2012, restoring my faith in the band.

This song is about seven warring kingdoms in ancient China. Or some shit. I think it takes place during the Qin Dynasty, which, if you want my fully-considered and thoughtful opinion, is the most metal of all the Chinese dynasties. It's not even close. It was just a metal time to be alive, so why not write a song about it? In fact, I wrote a song about the Qin Dynasty like 12 years before Thy Majestie did, and it's called "Qincinerated Upon the Altar of Fallen Mongolians". Fuck yeah.

This file doesn't have any jump-runs to speak of, so it's fairly easy. Download it now or I'll track your IP address and send it to you myself.