ReinXeed - Life Will Find A Way
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 5/17/2013
ReinXeed is a Swedish power metal band. Since I discovered them a few years ago, they quickly became one of my favorites. They have it all - melodic, keyboardy, fast, and catchy, all rolled up into one extremely heavy package.

This song is 180 BPM, has a lot of runs, and is about Jurassic Park. That fact alone should cause you to hover your cursor over the download button and click. If you need any more convincing, maybe you just shouldn't download it. Yeah, that's right. You're not good enough to play my simfiles. Just go along on your merry way and forget that you ever ran across this little piece of the internet, this "Charlo's Metal Simfiles". I don't need you or your downloads.

For everybody else, enjoy!