Near Death Condition - Prayer To The Universal One
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 4/26/2013
When you think of Switzerland, what do you think of? Watches? Neutrality? Swiss cheese? Those are all logical associations to make, but now you will have one more thing to associate with that country nestled in the Alps: death metal! That's right maniacs, Near Death Condition comes to us from Switzerland to assault us with a fast and chaotic death metal barrage. They're so heavy that the surgeon general put a sticker on all of their albums, warning that exposure to the music within might cause spontaneous combustion. So you know this is some serious shit.

250 BPM is pretty fast, especially when you're trying to hit a never-ending stream of sixteenth notes. There is some reprieve in the middle of the file, but not much, so only the stoutest Stepmania warrior should even bother to download this file. Oh, who am I kidding, everybody should download this file! Except for posers.