Balflare - Crave In The Dark
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 3/16/2013
NEW BALFLARE ALBUM! NEW BALFLARE ALBUM! NEW BALFLARE ALBUM! Yes, you read that correctly, my favorite Japanese power metal band has released a new album, "Downpour", after half a decade of almost total inactivity. And it is everything I hoped for. Drenched in cheesy keyboards, fast as all fuck, glorious singalong choruses (if the lyrics weren't in engrish), it's like the second coming of Sleeping Hollow (their 2008 album).

Befitting a song that has near-constant double-bass drumming, this file is mostly sixteenth notes. There are some tricky jump-runs at 182 BPM, but aside from that, no nasty surprises. Enjoy.