Symphony X - The Witching Hour
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Progressive Metal Release Date: 2/21/2013
The state of New Jersey really sucks. I mean really sucks. It's horrible. I've been there and I can confirm it. But - BUT! - there is one good thing about that wretched squiggle of land which is truly the least of all fifty states, and that is the progressive metal band Symphony X. Yeah, I was surprised too when I found out that such a good band is from such a shitty state. This song is about some fucking haunted statues or some shit, but it could have been called "The Bitching Hour", which would accurately describe a New Jerseyan's typical conversation.

137 BPM. Sounds easy right? Yes. This file is fairly easy. But there are some 32nd notes so it's not all fun and games...except Stepmania is a video game, so it is all fun and games.