Wintersun - Starchild
Genres: Folk Metal Melodic Death Metal Release Date: 2/1/2013
Wintersun is the original, and most popular, Ensiferum clone band. Fitting, since it was formed by Ensiferum founder Jari Maenpaa while he was still in Ensiferum. Their first, self-titled, album was unleashed in 2004 to extremely good reviews, but it would be eight years and numerous unexplained delays before the follow-up album "Time I" would see the light of day. This song is from their first album, because frankly, all of the songs from the new album are too long to step comfortably.

Speaking of long songs, this song's not short, clocking in at almost eight minutes and 4,000 steps. There are a lot of runs at 187 BPM, but the middle section of the song provides a good cool-down period, so it's almost like playing two separate songs with some idle keypresses in-between. Enjoy, child of the stars!