ReinXeed - Temple Of The Crystal Skulls
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 10/18/2012
Do you like movies? Do you like power metal? If you answered affirmatively to both of those questions, you should go listen to ReinXeed's new album, "Welcome To The Theater", without delay. Each song on the album is based around a different popular movie, whether it's Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, or in the case of this song, Indiana Jones. It's surprising to me that more bands don't use the exploits of Mr. Jones as subject matter for their songs, considering what an extreme badass he was. I mean, would you have the balls to go into an ancient Mesopotamian temple that is filled to the brim with ancient lurking evils and spooky skulls? I would probably crap myself, but for danger dude himself Indiana Jones it was probably like a routine trip to the grocery store.

The steps for this file are typical Charlo power metal steps. They are roughly equivalent to my two previous ReinXeed files in difficulty. What makes this file truly worth your while is the background art, which took me at least an hour. That's right. In addition to the several hours I spent stepping this thing, I spent additional hours making sure the visual aspect of the file was up to your (yes YOUR) exacting standards. So I really can't even think of a single fucking reason why you aren't downloading this gem right at this very second. It will probably only take a few sesconds to download, so you don't even have that excuse. Come on dude. Download it!!!!