Sinbreed - Infinity's Call
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 10/7/2012
If you were going to name a metalcore band, how would you go about it? Of course, you need to have some "dark" imagery, while also combining two words together. It also needs to have a "romantic" feel to it so it looks good when rendered in a curly-cue-embellished font. Sinbreed fits this formula perfectly, but there is one problem: THEY'RE A POWER METAL BAND!

Yes, a band with a shitty name like "Sinbreed" is actually a fantastic German power metal band who counts as their ancestors Gamma Ray and Helloween. They have one album, 2010's "When Worlds Collide", and while it's not the best power metal album ever, it is pretty dang good. Fast, melodic, but with enough punch in the riffs department to get your head shaking a little bit.

This file is short and not too hard. If you can contend with jumpstream at 165 BPM, good for you, because that's as hard as it's going to get in this file. Enjoy!