Spawn Of Possession - Where Angels Go Demons Follow
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 10/3/2012
Spawn Of Possession is a tech-death band from Sweden. Their 2012 release, Incurso, recently came into my possession (Har har har) and it blew my mind so thoroughly that I had no choice to pick the sickest track from the album and put arrows to it. The outcome of my untiring labor is what I present to you now. Over 4000 little arrows flying past your screen at 240 BPM.

Yes, this file is a challenge, but it's the good kind of challenge. This file is especially recommended for the weirdos out there who get sexual pleasure from having their forearms feel like jello on a hot summer day - because that's definitely what your arms will feel like after subjecting them to this flurry of keyboard smashing (doubly so if you're a pathetic weakling like myself).

Download! Download! Download!