Hamka - Legend's Empire Part 2
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 9/27/2012
Are you tired of all the French power metal currently taking up space in your collection? Bored with all your lame-o Fairyland and Heavenly CD's? Does the prospect of listening to just one more Wildpath or Kerion track fill you with dread? Sigh no more, folks, Hamka is here to rescue you from the morass of drudgery which you currently inhabit. What we have here is some scandalously symphonic power metal with musical influences from various ancient civilizations. (Wo)Manning the microphone is none other than song-sorceress Elisa Martin of Dark Moor renown. All this taken together means that your head will not cease banging from the moment this song starts until the moment it ends.

If you enjoy the standard Charlo power metal file, you will like this one, because it is more of the same! Lots of runs, but nothing faster than 16th notes this go-around. Go ahead and download it right now. The ghosts of the secret past beckon you...