Cross Examination - Maximum Overchill
Genres: Thrash Metal Release Date: 9/23/2012
Cross Eximation is a thrashing party posse from St. Louis, Missouri. Their sound is a rip-off of Municipal Waste, but you won't care when you're moshing in the pit. This song is about a guy who chills out way too hard, plays too many video games and eventually is frozen to his couch. I don't know about you guys but "couch-sloshed, smoked out in a video game haze" is certainly the most rad way to bow out of life. Wait, actually it could be radder if you died with a half-eaten piece of pepperoni pizza in your hand and American Gladiators reruns playing on the TV.

This file is a sub-two-minute 200 BPM affair. The steps are fairly easy for me to full-combo, and I'm not that good at Stepmania, so you know it's not too bad. I also put in some extra effort on the graphics for this file, so don't be a tightwad with your bandwidth and DL this dank shit now. Recommended snack pairing: Doritos and Mountain Dew.