Aquaria - Your Majesty Gaia
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 9/9/2012
Aquaria is (or was) a fantastic symphonic power metal band from Brazil. Like every South American power metal band before or since, they took most of their cues from Angra. Aquaria has been inactive since the release of their second album in 2007, which really blows, because they were one of the more promising new power metal bands.

This song is a seven minute opus off of their debut album, Luxaeterna. This file is a constant 170 BPM with many sixteenth-note runs. The song itself is very catchy, so much so that the seven minute runtime will fly by and leave you wishing for another seven minutes.

Download this simfile now. But don't do it for me. Do it for our earthmother, the soul of the planet which we presently trod upon...our majestic Gaia.