Adagio - Order Of Enlil
Adagio was a progressive/symphonic power metal band from France. I say "was" because now they play some sort of style of "prog" metal where the focus is on throwing in stupidly groovy riffs and harsh vocals in order to gain more mainstream success. I don't think it worked, because last time I checked, nobody has heard of this band. At least they didn't ditch their keyboardist and start playing metalcore. Anyway, this song is an instrumental from their first album, when they were pretty much just a straight Symphony X ripoff. If you like any sort of prog/power metal like Pagan's Mind or Pyramaze, you would eat this stuff up. The steps? Oh yeah, the steps. The song starts off pretty slowly but the last half of the song has a lot of 24th note runs while everybody plays the fuck out of their instruments. Enjoy.