Elexorien - Running With The Wolves Of War
Genres: Folk Metal Release Date: 8/24/2012
Elexorien is a defunct Dutch folk/viking metal band. They were formed near the height of the genre's popularity back in 2004, and called it quits in 2011 when they realized that everybody had moved on from the folk metal fad. They have all the trappings of a typical Euro-viking clone band: horns, accordions, alternating harsh/clean vocals, a female vocalist, some black metal riffs, fantasy lyrics, etc. Not to say they were a bad band. Their self-titled full-length album rocks pretty hard. I would never step a song unless it rocked hard. This song is no exception. It rocks. Hard. In truth, it is probably the hardest-rocking of all hard-rocking songs on the album.

This song has many BPM changes for interest. Of course, the bulk of the file is sixteenth note runs or variations thereof, but there is some other stuff to debase your digits.