DGM - ...In A Movie
Genres: Power Metal Progressive Metal Release Date: 8/18/2012
I am going to answer the question which presently sears your tongue and burns your lips. The riddle is soon to be solved...

The dots in the title are present because this song is the second part of a two-part "song", with the first part entitled "Trapped...". Thus: Trapped... ...In A Movie.

There. With that out of the way, I can properly introduce this file to you. DGM is an Italian power metal band with pronounced prog influences. They remind me a lot of Time Requiem and Spheric Universe Experience. This song is from their most recent album to date, 2009's FrAme. DGM does have an extensive back catalog that is worth looking into if you find this song to your liking. Remember to always buy the music that you love! I do!

This song is slow at 130-ish BPM, but has some jack-and-jump patterns to add difficulty. There are also 32nd note runs during DGM's trademark "blazing solos of furious virtuosity". Don't worry, though; if your fingers aren't fast enough, just mash the keyboard for a few seconds and you should avoid failing. There are also plenty of slow sections for you to cool down before the next arrow assault.

Have fun folks.