Brymir - Burning Within
Genres: Folk Metal Melodic Death Metal Release Date: 7/13/2012
From the saunaed fields of Finland comes Brymir, one of the few bands that truly live up to the moniker of "Ensiferum Clone". Lots of folk metal bands like to go their own route and carve out their own niche, but Brymir apparently thought, "Well, Ensiferum is a pretty good band and they have a lot of fans. Why don't we try to make some money off those fans?" Their music is fast, folky, symphonic, and crammed with melo-death style harshness.

This song is very short, just a hair over three minutes. The solo is only eight bars long. But the BPM is 190, and there is a lot of double-bass drumming, which means a lot of fast sixteenth-note runs. I opted not to insert jumps into the runs this time around, but you can pretend they're there if you want.