Arsis - Worship Depraved
Genres: Melodic Death Metal Death Metal Release Date: 1/2/2011
Arsis is a technical/melodic death metal band from the USA. This song has a noticeable amount of thrash influence as well. Basically, Arsis just plays a lot of fast riffs and yells some vocals over the top. If you liked my Quo Vadis file (or any of my death metal files), you would probably enjoy this too. I'm not entirely happy with the steps in this one. Some parts didn't lend themselves to very good steps, and the guitar tone is muddled enough that sometimes it was hard to make out what rhythms they were actually playing. So I make no guarantees as to the technical accuracy of this file. It should be reasonably fun, though, and it's short at only three minutes. Happy New Year. Here's to another year of ass-kicking simfiles.