Forgotten Tales - Howling At The Moon
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 7/8/2012
Forgotten Tales were the first Canadians to subscribe to the European style of power metal. Their pioneering efforts have resulted in many other euro-styled bands coming out of those cold Canadian wastelands. And in 2010, they gave power metal fans around the world more of what they wanted in the form of their third album, "We Shall See The Light". It reuses the same formula as the past two albums: female vocals, speedy riffs and plenty of keyboards for maximum catchiness. This song is one of the catchiest and speediest off that album.

Like my other Forgotten Tales file, this one is heavy on sixteenth-note runs. There are also some holds with sixteenth-note gallops surrounding them, hearkening back to my steps for Fairyland's "Godsent". The steps during the solo are fairly easy so your biggest concern will be hitting sixteenths at 188 BPM for five minutes.

Have fun!