Warmen - The Evil That Warmen Do
Genres: Neo-Classical Metal Power Metal Release Date: 6/8/2012
Warmen is one of those formerly-great Finnish bands that turned to shit after three or so albums. After releasing the mostly-instrumental shred attack Unknown Soldier, they methodically incorporated more vocal-driven songs into their repertoire until - alas- they turned into what they are today: a festering dungheap of poppy vocals, asinine pop-rock riffs, and a few keyboard-laden instrumentals to remind you of a time when they didn't gargle nutsacks. Janne Wirman started the project to establish himself as one of the most technically gifted metal keyboardists of all time, but now it is just a showcase for has-been Finnish vocalists to wail haplessly on lame "power metal" tracks in a saddening attempt to regain former glory. Fuck you Janne.

This song is from Warmen's first album. It perfectly embodies the Warmen formula: a catchy theme is used to bookend monstrous soloing from the guitars and keyboards. The steps mostly follow the solos, and the sixteenth note runs present are not as smooth-flowing as my usual style. If you like any sort of neo-classical metal or the more noggin-defiling technical destruction of Dream Theater's solos, you should check this out. Just make sure not to touch anything besides the first two albums.