Logar's Diary - Bearer Of Light
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 4/18/2012
Logar's Diary is a German power metal band. They use a lot of medieval-sounding instrumentation and melodies as a time machine set to "-500 years". If you took out the heavy guitars and drums, you would essentially be left with the Runescape soundtrack. The album to which this track belongs, Book II - Parlainth - The Forgotten City, was released in 2006. Hopefully we will be treated with more of the riveting tales of Logar in the near future, but for now, we can just appreciate what this terrifying troupe of Huns has given us thus far.

This is a standard Charlo file, with a lot of runs and jump-runs at 185 BPM. There is not much of a solo in this song so there is no need to worry about anything faster than that.

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