ReinXeed - Reach For The Sky
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 4/7/2012
This is simfile #200. Much like simfile #100, El Pozo Y El Pendulo, this song is very melodic and speedy. What else would expect from ReinXeed? You would have to be a blithering moron to not realize that ReinXeed is probably the happiest of all "happy metal" bands. Power Quest would probably give up their collective left nut just to have half of the melodic genius that Tommy ReinXeed possesses in his fingernails.

The steps in this song are very run-oriented. At 190 BPM, it's nothing to sneeze at, but there aren't many jump-runs to throw you off your game. If you liked my other ReinXeed file, Terror Has Begun, then you should stop reading right now and just download the fucker.

That last directive applies to everybody else as well.