Shadow Gallery - Ghost Ship - The Gathering The Night Before
Genres: Progressive Metal Release Date: 3/28/2012
When you need to listen to some American prog metal, what do you pop into your stereo? Dream Theater for solos? Symphony X for symphonics? Fates Warning for riffs? I've got some instructions for you: forget those shitty bands. Shadow Gallery is the only US Prog band that you need or ever will need. They have solos. They have symphonics. They have riffs. And Mike Baker makes James LaBrie sound like Nergal after smoking a blunt. The sonorous tones that he caresses from his voicebox are as smooth as, if not smoother than, a baby's bottom.

This is a short (three minute), slow (118 BPM) song which is actually the first part of a larger metal opus entitled "Ghost Ship". There's some seriously infectious melody to be found here; I made the steps easy on purpose so you could listen to the song. Download and prepare for seasickness.