Angra - Arising Thunder
Genres: Power Metal Release Date: 3/23/2012
It has been five long years since I created a simfile for an Angra song. But I have not forgotten about that lovable brigade of Brazilians. They released an album in 2010 called "Aqua" which, while failing to match "Temple of Shadows" for sheer speed, was mostly enjoyable, even if a good portion of the songs on the album are not suitable for keyboard steps. This song is one heck of an opening salvo for the album; fast, melodic, shreddy, and just an all-around rocker. Complete with thunder noises.

This file is a bit more in line with my usual stepping style than my last few efforts. Runs, jumps going to the vocals, some twenty-fourths during the solo, it's all there for your personal enjoyment. That's right. I made this simfile especially for you. So you had better fucking download it.

You heard me!