Aposepsy - Cadaver Anatomy - Extraction Of Viscera
Genres: Goregrind Release Date: 3/3/2012
Aposepsy is a Russian goregrind/brutal death metal band. Their music is extremely chaotic and frenzied, in contrast to the prevailing Russian style of death metal, which is based on simplistic rhythms and riffs. This song is from the band's only release, their self-titled debut album released in 2011.

This song is short, only a minute and a half long. It is also slow at 140 BPM. The steps are quite unlike anything else I've ever done; no runs, just sporadic bursts of notes. Enjoy.

*EDIT 6/3/2012* Added medium difficulty chart. A bit easier but keeps the rhythmic intricacy intact.

*EDIT 6/7/2012* Added Easy steps which, as the name implies, are pretty easy. No 32nds.