Dragonland - Fire And Brimstone
Genres: Power Metal Symphonic Metal Release Date: 2/20/2012
Dragonland recently released their fifth studio album, "Under the Grey Banner", unto the rabid metal masses, masses which had been anticipating another Dragonland disc for half a decade. The band had drifted away from their symphonic power metal roots on their previous two efforts, but on this album they come back with screaming vengeance to resume the Dragonland Chronicles - an engrossing tale of fantasy and valor, taking place on the blood-soaked Ivory Plains, a saga which had been abandoned by the mainstream-seeking band of Swedes after two albums of unrestrained power metal assault. This newly revitalized bunch of lads added more keyboards to their already keyboard-laden sound, the result being a triumphal return to the true, original Dragonland sound, a sound which yours truly feared would never grace his ears again.

This song fucking rules. It's about some dude who sees a chick being burned on the stake to satisfy the twisted perversions of some demon king, but then the dude rescues her. In between the trademark wails of vocalist Jonas Heidgert and some deep-voiced guy doing voice acting, there are a lot of keyboard fanfares. I hope you like triplets because that's all there is for steps. If you want runs check out The Gush or one of my other recent files.