Inveracity - Behind The Walls Of Derangement
Genres: Death Metal Release Date: 2/8/2012
I just stepped an Inveracity song a few months ago. I have many other suitable bands and songs just begging to be transmuted into bodacious simfiles. But this song, with its rancid riffage, vicious vocalizations, and putrid percussions, could not sit unmolested on my hard drive of horrors any longer. So now you get another file from the undisputed kings of Greek death metal, Inveracity, a band which turns imitators such as Nightrage and Septic Flesh into vassals and peasants in its vast fiefdom of torment.

The steps here are marginally easier than my other Inveracity file, but you're still going to get bombarded with sixteenth notes at 210 BPM with very little let-up. Download and dominate, brethren.