Wuthering Heights - Bad Hobbits Die Hard
Genres: Power Metal Progressive Metal Folk Metal Release Date: 1/22/2011
My latest simfile is brought to you courtesy of those heavy-hitting Danes known as Wuthering Heights. They play a unique fusion of power, prog, and folk metal. This song is an instrumental guitar-oriented piece similar to the fan-favorite "Trolls In The Dark" by Rhapsody. It's not really about Hobbits specifically but it is kind of jaunty and folky. The steps are easy up till the end, where they stray out of my normal territory and have some repeating 24th note staircases (I think that's the right term). There are also some sixteenth jacks, but at 170 BPM even I can do them. Bonus points if you read the pun in the track title and didn't cringe. Pat yourself on the back, buddy, I could barely type it out without throwing my keyboard in the toilet.